The labels included in our offer: nikpol, vinci and bravo moda are all manufactured out of natural leather on tpr, pu and imitation leather, depending on the cut. Instead of leather lining, our winter shoes have an insulating coat (polar fleece, wool). Imported sergio leone footwear is made of PU on TPR soles.

The offer published on our website is purely informative, and the photographs in the gallery may differ slightly from the actual appearance of the items, due to technical reasons.  


The prices presented on our website do not constitute an offer, as within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code.

Our wholesale offer presents the basic net prices of footwear items. A 23% VAT tax rate is then added to the net price.

With personal receipt, with prepayment via wire transfer and with bigger orders, we may accept price negotiations.  


Order your leather footwear in sizes specified below. The minimum order includes 8 or 10 pairs. With further orders, there is a possibility of selecting specific sizes in a minimum of 4 pairs.

Sizes in collective packaging :

Nikopol men’s: 
cardboard box 8 pairs (40/1 41/2 42/2 43/2 44/1)
cardboard box 10 pairs (39/1 40/1 41/2 42/2 43/2 44/1 45/1)

Nikopol women’s / children’s:
cardboard box 8 pairs (36/1 37/2 38/2 39/2 40/1)

Vinci men’s:
cardboard box 8 pairs (40/1 41/2 42/2 43/2 44/1)
cardboard box 10 pairs (40/1 41/2 42/2 43/2 44/2 45/1)

Vinci women’s / children’s:  
cardboard box 8 pairs ( 36/1 37/2 38/2 39/2 40/1 )

Imported footwear is sold in collective cardboards – 12 pairs -  only, without the possibility of further ordering individual sizes.

Make orders directly on our website, after logging in, via fax at 12 656-70-93, 12 269 91 50 or via e-mail at: marex2@onet.pl

The client is obliged to collect the entire order. Should the client fail to collect the order, they will be charged with 50% of the order value (net).

When making an order, provide full company data required to issue VAT invoices, a detailed delivery address or a contact telephone number.

The order delivery time depends on the models selected and may take from 14 to 30 days (for custom-ordered leather footwear). Imported “sergio leone” footwear is delivered in 2 to 3 days from the date of making the order.

For new clients orders are delivered only following payment in cash, prepayment via wire transfer, or with cash on delivery.

The buyer can select the form of payment when making the order.

Directly before the shipping, the buyer will be informed of the invoice value and the term of delivery.

With payment by wire transfer, we ship the order to the recipient after receiving all due receivables on our bank account.


We ship our products via dpd courier mail in collective packaging units containing 8, 10 or 12 pairs (import), according to the orders made.

We pay for the shipping of orders, however the minimum order is 16 pairs (2 cardboard boxes) of leather footwear or 24 pairs (2 cardboard boxes) of imported footwear. When ordering smaller amounts, the costs of shipping are charged as per the shipping company’s price list.


Our company does not accept unjustified returns and does not perform footwear exchange in wholesale amounts. All possible returns related to the inconsistency of products received with the provisions of the purchase agreement will be accepted following approval of the sales department obtained at: 12 656-70-93 or via e-mail: marex2@onet.pl

We do not accept cash on delivery parcels sent to us at our cost.


The footwear we offer is free of physical and legal defects and is covered with warranty stipulated by the provisions of the Civil Code.

However, if upon delivery a client claims that the collective packaging was damaged during transport, they must check the condition of the footwear delivered at the presence of the courier. Upon damage, the client must draw up a damage report and promptly return the footwear purchased along with the report to us.

Upon complaint, the buyer is obliged to send the products assumed with the complaint along with a completed complaint form.

The footwear items complained against must be clean or otherwise we will be entitled to dismiss the complaint.

All information regarding the complaint will be available within 14 days from the date of receipt of the parcel (pursuant to art 8 sec. 3 of the Act on detailed conditions of consumer sales – the seller is obliged to reply to the complaint within 14 days). Upon acceptance of the complaint, the footwear will be repaired. If repair is not possible, the products complained against will be exchanged into defect-free ones. When repair or exchange is not possible, the buyer will be entitled to cash reimbursement.  


We hereby reserve the right to change the prices within the day and to change the product offer.

Possible re-pricing does not affect orders made and confirmed, which are in the progress of delivery.

All disputes arising from the performance of purchase agreements concluded between marex ii and the buyer shall be settled at first instance through negotiations with the purpose of reaching amicable settlement. If settlement is not possible or not satisfactory for any of the parties, all disputes shall be settled by a common court with material and local jurisdiction over the registered office of marex ii.

The regulations set forth herein list the principles for making wholesale orders with marex ii. Making an order shall automatically entail acceptance of all provisions of these regulations.  


Submitting personal data is completely voluntary, however, failure to provide personal data prevents us from completing the order. All data submitted by the client to our company is protected in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws of 1997, no. 133, item 883). Data gathered by our company is used solely for the purpose and in the scope of completing the order. 


Our cooperating sales representatives conduct sales in the field:

Mr. Paweł, tel. no.: 502-301-292

Mr. Fouad, tel. no.: 535-771-388


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